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Hospitality & Tourism Management Degree

The Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) is a business oriented degree program that prepares students to be industry leaders in the areas of hotel management, restaurant management, meetings and events or tribal gaming. Faculty and staff incorporate a customized learning experience for each student that includes rigorous coursework, practical application, personal assessments and professional guidance from industry leaders.

The Payne School utilizes San Diego, a top tourist destination as its learning lab and requires students to complete a minimum of 1,000+ hours of hospitality related work experience prior to graduation. 99% of Payne School graduates receive job offers or enter management training programs upon completion of the HTM degree program.

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Degree Learning Outcomes

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  1. Apply theory to explain and articulate the regional national and global systemic frameworks and their impact on the hospitality, recreation and tourism industry.
  2. Evaluate information sources to make informed decisions and draw insightful conclusions in the hospitality, recreation and tourism context.
  3. Creating and applying strategies to manage change in a diverse work environment.
  4. Develop and implement new ideas, practices and projects to address organizational complexities in the hospitality and tourism context.
  5. Effectively communicate visions, ideas and goals to a variety of stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism context.
  6. Demonstrate leadership in a people-centric setting by fostering an inclusive environment.
  7. Self-assess and reflect on leadership development as a part of lifelong learning.
  8. Integrate coursework, high impact experiences and career exploration to pursue professional passions.

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Hotel Management

Students focus on the daily operations of hotels, motels, resorts, or any other lodging property. Study includes sales, marketing, finances, employee relations, customer service, and overall property operations.

Hotel Management Degree Requirements

Hotel Management Career Paths

    Hotel Manager

    Director of Revenue Management

    Hotel Owner

    Sales Manager

    Business Development Manager

    International Training Facilitator

    Acquisition Analyst

    Ecommerce Sales

    Director of Purchasing

    Human Resource Manager

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Restaurant Management

Students focus on food service principles to operate casual and fine dining restaurants. Study includes cost/volume/profit relationships, forecasting demand and market share, market niche/positioning, sanitation and safety, menu research, menu design, scheduling, quality management, customer service, technology, and ambience/environment. Restaurant Management Degree Requirements

Restaurant Management Career Paths

    Food & Beverage Manager

    Restaurant Owner

    Restaurant Manager

    Restaurant Operations Supervisor

    Brewery Restaurant Manager

    Club Manager

    Wine and Spirits Director

    Beverage Sales Manger

    Beverage Distributor

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Meetings & Events

Students focus on the elements, planning, and production of all types of events. Study includes sales, marketing, budgeting, site acquisition, negotiation strategy, operations, project management, and staffing. Meetings & Events Degree Requirements

Meetings & Events Career Paths

    Marketing and Events Manager

    Special Events Coordinator

    Corporate Event Manager

    Non-Profit Event Manger or Specialist

    Wedding Planner

    Bridal Sales Manager

    Client Relations Manager

    Convention Center Manager

    Logistics Coordinator

    Community Relations Coordinator

Students with tribal gaming director

Tribal Gaming

Students focus on cultural and political contexts; casino operations; legal and regulatory issues; marketing; and public relations in tribal gaming. Study includes governance; community and regional impact; customer relations; facility management; employee relations; and security. Tribal Gaming Degree Requirements

Tribal Gaming Career Paths

    Casino Manager

    Corporate Slot Analyst

    Gaming Operations Specialist