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Recreation & Tourism Management Degree

The Recreation Tourism Management (RTM) is a social science orientated degree program. RTM is a leading undergraduate program based on faculty scholarship, outstanding student graduates, progressive educational techniques and innovative courses, and successful collaborations with community agencies. Because of our relatively small size, we can offer a personable and friendly atmosphere in which you will have the chance to know your fellow students and the faculty who are experts in the subject matter.

Students will have many opportunities to learn and grow as an RTM major. Depending on your interests in Recreation Systems Management, Outdoor Recreation Management, or Sustainable Tourism Management, exciting career opportunities are available. Our program provides excellent professional opportunities to contribute to the community from a business or governance standpoint.

Review the Degree Learning Outcomes

Degree Learning Outcomes

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  1. Apply theory to explain and articulate the regional national and global systemic frameworks and their impact on the hospitality, recreation and tourism industry.
  2. Evaluate information sources to make informed decisions and draw insightful conclusions for hospitality, recreation and tourism organizations.
  3. In the context of recreation and tourism, explicate the interconnectivity between humans and their environments.
  4. Create new ideas, practices and programs to address the delivery of technical and functional operations to meet organizational goals.
  5. Effectively communicate ideas with a focus on context, language, supporting data, and delivery to diverse stakeholders.
  6. Analyze the impact of recreation and tourism activities on enhancing individual and community well-being, cultural diversity, and contributing to sustainable development.
  7. Practice self-assessment and self-development as a part of lifelong learning.
  8. Analyze scientific, political, technical, legal, and ethical dimensions of environmental protection and visitor management.

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Sustainable Tourism Management

The Sustainable Tourism Management Emphasis focuses on developing skills to plan, organize, assess, and manage sustainable tourism. It incorporates international learning experiences to explore tools and strategies to minimize negative and maximize positive economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism. Sustainable tourism is the fastest growing segment of the world’s largest industry.

Sustainable Tourism Management Degree Requirements

Sustainable Tourism Management Career Paths

    Sustainable tours, accommodations, transportation, attractions, tour wholesaling and retailing

    Sustainable tourism accreditation and eco-labeling agencies

    Visitors bureaus and state tourism commissions

    Professional writers and photographers

    Green Marketing and Events Manager

    Destination marketing organizations

    Sustainable product development

    Green meetings and events

    Tourism related non-profits

    Travel Service Managers

    Tourism Director

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Outdoor Resource Management

The Outdoor Resource Management Emphasis focuses on conservation, outdoor recreation planning, park administration, natural science, environmental interpretation, outdoor education, outdoor leadership, adventure programming, ecological preservation and environmental sustainability. Rewarding and meaningful careers enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors, preserving and managing natural, historic, and cultural resources.

Outdoor Resource Management Degree Requirements

Outdoor Resource Management Career Paths

    Zoo, park, forest, wildlife rangers with various agencies

    Specialty Activities Guide (fishing/hunting)

    Outdoor resource management planners

    Professional writers and photographers

    Professional writers and photographers

    Outdoor education specialists

    Outdoor program leaders

    Interpretative guides

    Sports Supervisor

    Outdoor guides

    Tour Operator


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Recreation Systems Management

The Recreation Systems Management Emphasis focuses on leadership and management skills for organization, administration, and supervision of recreation, park, and tourism agencies in public, commercial and private settings. Prepares graduates for jobs in delivering leisure services in the public, non-profit and for profit recreation profession.

Recreation Systems Management Degree Requirements

Recreation Systems Management Career Paths

    Self-employment in commercial recreation, health and fitness settings, and tourism ventures

    Program specialist/manager in municipal recreation and intramural recreation

    Organization/manager for planning in youth and family non-profit agencies

    Special events planner for parks, municipal, or commercial organizations

    Manager in state or federal park and recreation agencies

    Camp director recreational camp programs

    Manager for military recreation programs

    Athletic director in municipal recreation

    Boys and Girls Club Director

    Children’ Program Director

    Senior Programs Director

    YMCA Executive Director

    Aquatics Director

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RTM Minor

A minor in Recreation and Tourism Management can be the perfect complement to your current declared major. There are many exciting careers in RTM that can put your communication, environmental studies, geography or business major to good use.

RTM Minor Degree Requirements