RTM Scholarships

Accenture American Indian Scholarship

CAPRCBM – Charles Kaufman Family

CPRS Recreation & Park Scholarships

The California Foundation for Parks and Recreation Scholarship Committee offers scholarships to assist noteworthy students in fulfilling their goal of entering the park and recreation profession.

International Student Scholarship Opportunities

Study Abroad Travel Allowance

Exclusive for HTM and RTM students, this generous award provided by Dwight & Fern Sample, and their daughter, Mary Willette, is offered to a limited number of applicants. The allowance will cover the cost of 80% of the student’s airfare up to $1,000 and funds must be used on round-trip travel to/from the country of study. Please refer to this important document regarding Study Abroad Travel Allowances.

The Bonnie Jean Gore Scholarship

A financial award resulting from the will and estate of Bonnie Jean Gore, a Park and Recreation Professional, the award honors the memory and professional work of Ms. Gore and is intended to facilitate the education and development of students in the field of Parks and Recreation.

The Faculty Scholarship

A financial award based on the donation of Professor Gene Lamke. Professor Lamke is a retired faculty member who served as Department Chair for many years. He was active in the California Park and Recreation Society, the National Park and Recreation Association, the California Society of Park and Recreation Educators, and numerous organizations at San Diego State University.

Tourism Cares Scholarship Program