Scholarship Websites **Highly recommended**
Create a profile about yourself and then they send you an email with updates on scholarships that match your profile
There is a scholarship for everyone! Including left handed skateboarders!

Over 200 scholarships for minority students!

Scholarship Essay Tips

  • Be sincere
    • Companies don’t want to read over an application and essay where someone is just saying things to make themselves look good
  • Don’t be afraid to get personal
    • There are some people who are applying for scholarships because they are in desperate need for financial aid and have no other means of paying for school. If this is your case, its okay! Don’t be afraid of sounding desperate and explaining your situation
  • They like to hear something unique
    • Everyone says they are a good student, participates in extra-curricular and community service activities, etc. But what do you do that makes you stand out?
  • Check your spelling, grammar, etc.!
    • Proofread your essay(s) and have someone else do it as well. You don’t want to submit an application with mistakes
  • Contact your school advisors for help. Many will have other great resources.



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