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Frequently Asked Questions

I am in interested in San Diego State and the School of Hospitality Tourism and Management, what do I do now?
The first step is to apply to San Diego State; you must be accepted into SDSU in order to take classes within our program. You can find freshman, transfer, graduate and international student information about admissions at:

I am a transfer student what is the process?
You would follow the same admissions process as above and you should also compare the classes you have taken with those that are required as part of your prerequisites for Hospitality Tourism Management; there are 30 units of lower division prerequisites. If you are a student who attended a California school you can compare the courses at to find out if the course will count for the major requirements.

I am an international student what is the process for us?
International students must first contact the international student center through the web or via the phone 619-594-1982. They will be your contact here at San Diego State. Read the special guide for International Students.

What are the academic requirements to be accepted into SDSU?
Admission requirements frequently change, for the most up to date information, visit

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is an impacted major, what does this mean?
Many SDSU majors are designated as impacted, meaning they have more students wanting to declare that major than can be accommodated. For HTM, this means students must have a 3.0 GPA to be accepted into upper division.

What areas of study does the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offer?
There four emphasis areas that students can choose from: Hotel Operations and Management, Meeting & Events Operations Management, Restaurant Operations and Management, Tribal Gaming Operations and Management. Students will choose one emphasis area by the time they are signed into upper division.

What jobs are there after you graduate with a degree in HTM?
We have an internship and placement department dedicated to finding careers in the industry. With this degree you have the many possibilities and the jobs range from manager of a hotel, restaurant, amusement park, or even in the meeting and event industry. You can take a look at our alumni page to see where some of our past graduates have been placed.

Can you send me information about the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management?
Fortunately we are able to offer all of the information on the web and maintain the website with current updates. You can download and print out the information packet from our main webpage at under the for students tab and is named HTM Curriculum.

Where is the office and how do I get there?
We are located in the PSFA (Professional Studies and Fine Arts) building on the 4th floor in room 436. The PSFA building is on the outskirts of campus and is northwest of Student services building, and adjacent to the Communications building. For more details please access a map of the SDSU campus. The closest parking for students is in parking structure 4 a permit is required, for all guests with out a permit a temporary parking permit can be purchased at the parking information booth office just off of College Avenue and can be reached at 619-594-6671.

Does your department offer tours?
No. Tours are offered of the general campus through the ambassador program, they can be reached at 619-594-6868, or by e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you would like see the office feel free to come up we are open regular business hours.

Can I get my masters/PhD in Hospitality Tourism & Management at SDSU?
Our university does not offer a master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (ours is an undergraduate/bachelor’s of science degree—see link for program details if you are interested.)

Can I minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management?
No, we do not offer a minor in our program here; only the Bachelor’s of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Because our HTM students take coursework from the College of Business Administration, one cannot major in business and minor in HTM, or vise versa, because the course content in both programs is too similar.

I already have a bachelor degree but am looking to get Hospitality/Tourism/Events experience, do you offer that?
This is not offered directly through our department, but you can contact the College of Extend studies at 619-594-5821 or visit their web-site for more information on their certification programs.

More information on admissions at and also at

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