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Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) Program is in the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management within the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts at San Diego State University.

Learning is of greatest importance here at San Diego State University and the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program leads the university in developing cutting edge classes and adopting innovative teaching techniques.

In addition to providing a strong theoretical basis for our students, the HTM program equips students with practical skill sets applicable to their professional development. HTM students complete two mandatory internships locally, nationally and internationally which often leads to full-time work at time of graduation. In order to engage our students in these endeavors our program sustains close relationships with industry bodies, community organizations and our alumni. Personalized mentorship and support from our faculty and staff allows our students to be successful in academics and develop the necessary hands-on skills they will need on graduation.


Recreation and Tourism

“Recreation improves awareness, deepens understanding, stimulates appreciation, develops one’s powers, and enlarges the sources of enjoyment. It promotes individual fulfillment. It encourages self-discovery. It helps give meaning to life.”
-David E. Gray, Ph.D.

Recreation Program Advocate

When you join the arena of recreation and tourism you are directly involved in enriching the quality of life for individuals, families, societies and by extension the environment.

Recreation and tourism is a diversified field that touches an enormous variety of businesses, industries, government and non-government bodies. From city and country recreation programs and facilities management to innovative entrepreneurial activities in exercise and wellness; from national park rangers to ecotour operations; from sustainability coordinator for hotels and convention centers to implementing sustainable tourism as a community development driver in less developed countries, recreation and tourism management provides you with the skills and opportunities to find your passion and follow it through to a career with meaning.

Come and join us! We are a passionate program working with passionate people in an exciting and motivating field. Let the fun begin with Recreation and Tourism!


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